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Thu, Apr. 21st, 2005, 05:13 pm
stellanoctis: HCOM HELL

I. am. surrounded. by. idiots.

In my HCOM class, there are at least SEVEN morons who look and act like Paris Hilton. One of them actually asked, "What's a jen-ra?" It's "genre," you fucktard. They constantly interrupt the prof and are RUDE. Poofy-haired bitch kept pestering the prof because she only got a 5/10 on her poetry analysis exercise (surprise, surprise) and wouldn't leave the poor woman alone. Also, today, they kept trying to analyze the psychological truthfulness of beggars on the subways when we're discussing the social interaction. I.e., it DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER if the beggars are truthful; what matters is the way in which they USE language to convey situations and beg.

On top of that, this is not an intro class, where idiots tend to gather. This is a 3000 level (read: upperclassman and grad student) course at a private university. How the hell haven't they flunked? Also: how did they get in to this school?

Listen to the Hilton septuplets for the rest of the quarter? I'D RATHER BE DEAD!

Thu, Mar. 3rd, 2005, 02:52 pm
cocomotion: ebay reserve prices

Why the hell do these exist? The ebay reserve price is nothing more than a tease and way of saying "HA!! MADE YOU LOOK!"

Let's paint a picture with pandas:

So you waste your time watching the item and passing up similar items because you just know you can win this one. You put off going to the store so you can stay home and throw in your last minute bid. Finally, all your efforts seem worth it. You had the highest bid!! YAAAAAYYYYYY! FIVE CENTS!

...wait, what's that? Oh, I didn't meet the reserve? Well, what the fuck? Did I just waste all this time?!?? Hmmm... okay, ebay says some sellers can offer a second chance thing to sell it to the highest bidder anyway. Works for me.

Except not! There's no limit to what kind of reserve is set! The auction I'm thinking of started at $9.99, had a high bid of $124.25, and the reserve is $249!!!! WTF!!! That's double the high bid and a ho-jillion times more than the starting!

Ebay says reserves exist so high prices don't scare off bidders. Well, that's fine if the starting price is $75 and the reserve is $100. Otherwise, things are out of control!

People need to just make their starting price what their reserve is! Wouldn't that make a little more sense than wasting everyone else's time? GOOD DAY, SIRE!

It's wrong. It's stupid. Reserves must be eliminated. I'd rather be dead.

Fri, Jan. 21st, 2005, 01:07 pm
gaiyrah: Fuck you... all of you... till you FUCKING DIE!

All right douche baggs... Hark thee well.

1) Don't join stage crew if you are not going to sign up for anything. I don't care "if you have class" fucking deal with it like a real man/woman/whatever the fuck.

2) If you sign up for shit.... Show up for your own god-damn job. If you can't do it, that's fucking fine, but find someone to cover your ass butt-fluffer. It's not Kim's job to find someone to do YOUR job for you.

3) If you can't come, and don't/can't find anyone to cover for you..... Pay me for the fucking 30 minutes it takes to put away or put up chairs, stands, piano (s) and moving the fucking walls around for our ensenbles.

For two weeks I was stuck setting up for one of these things, and today I found that the one I usually had help on I had to do myself. Add in the fact that I have been sick since fucking tuesday and am pms'ing and you have this..... Fuck this... all of this shit. Fucking pussies... Just because there is a little snow or whatever it fucks people up.... And I am stuck cleaning up the mess....Fuck fuckity fuck fuck you fucking fucks. Get fucked till you fucking die. Whipe other peoples asses without getting paid? ID RATHER BE FUCKING DEAD!!!!!!!

Mon, Dec. 27th, 2004, 11:45 pm
hawaiibeachhobo: I can't beleive I havn't written about this yet.

There is something, something that makes God cry. Birds hear it and drop dead, mid flight. Dog howl in pain at the very hint of sound of it. It is the worst creation of man, worse than atomic weapons, worse than Elmo.

Country Music.

The twainy, steele-guitar-having, bad-english-singing, crappy-lyric "music" that spews from the radio like sewage from my broken toilet. Any retard with a stupid accent can make up some inspirational bullshit, throw in a steel guitar, and 900 gallons of liquified gorrila shit and BAM! Platinum CD. I hate it, it makes me physically ill. No joke, I get car sick, no matter where I am. I hate it like I hate Hitler, like I hate a president who should remain nameless, like I hate Tony Danza and his ferociously homosexual show.

We'll go through the processes of country music making that I hate: All of them. Songs can't be songs with an "artist", right? Well, I hate all of them. Every single one of those ball-hair loving dick-asses. I don't care if they write there own stuff or some fat ass bastard writes the devils music, I hate them. All of them have this supposed personality of counrty-lovin rednecks sad about the man/woman who left them or how there kids and family mean so much to them or other crappy horse shit like that. And you know that fucker isn't that at all. I hate the LIES. You, Country Music artist, are not what you sing about. You are, through the power of hypnosis, rich from your music, and you are undoubtably a bigger asshole than Paris Hilton's, well, asshole.

The lyrics. My god I hate lyrics to those things. For the most part, I dont like the lyrics to any song, but country music is by FAR the very wrose. I have opted to dissect some of my most hated works.

I hate that butt sex loving Toby Keith, who has dropped the gem "courtesy of the red white and blue" into my toilet of hate. I hated when it came out, when people were still reeling off September 11th. I understand the anger. Really I do. Im serious. I am. But I still hated it. This song, though, as a whole... wait, I'll let the word speak:
" now this nation that i love has fallen under attack
a mighty sucker punch came flying in from somewhere in the back
soon as we could see clearly through our big black eye
man we lit up your world like the fourth of july"
"justice will be served and the battle will rage
this big dog will fight when you rattle his cage
you'll be sorry that you messed with the u s of a
cause we'll put a boot in your ass it's the american way"
Every time I hear or hear this song, I black out and wake up naked under a bridge covered in blood, I think I've been killing.

The actual "music". It doesn't metter, All songs, 100% start the same: wa wa waaaa on the steel guitar, only thing is the tempo. And the steel guitar keeps up, reminding you that you are in flavor country. The music is all the same so I won't elaborate, you've heard it.

Above all else, the pubic hair eating 'artists', the dumbshit lyrics, the stupid music, I hate the culture. The droves of millions who listen to these feces released upon death "music" and love it, shelling our the $20 for a CD chock full of corn filled poop. Lots of corn.They keep making this shit because of them. The country music pumps out crap about losing their man/woman, and like it has never been done before, they go after it like jackals on a clown. I hate the millions who love almost as much as I hate the music itself.

We have 5 Country music stations here in Cincinnati. I am surrounded.

Sure, this may have stemed from the years of musical abuse my mom inflicted on my poor young ears. I hated it for as long as I can remember, and she might just be why. I hate it now more than ever, because it has taken my sister, sweet bert, and she has fallen deep into the trough of lies. Also, im in the car with her a lot. So to the members of my family, of whom I love dearly, and to the adoring fans of country music everywhere, I have one thing to say:

You are a racist homosexual cowboy mullet fucker who is a plague upon this nice world we have.

Hear one more bitchy man whine about how his woman left a hole the size of Texas in his heart? I'D RATHER BE DEAD.
-Godpasta, who when finishing this, was listening to Queen's greatest hits.

Sun, Dec. 19th, 2004, 12:57 pm
cocomotion: The guy in the sky

And you know what really makes me mad? You know what really ticks me off? When your religious neighbors do not stand by the "Respect thy neighbor" thing at all!

There is Apartment Q. In apartment Q is a normal guy who moved here to avoid all the bullshit found in high school dorms (such as loud music and screaming). Above the normal guy is a complete moron who must be missing 98% of his brain cells. This is being judged based on his drunken-like screaming at all 24 hours, the exciting stomping and his awful taste in music.

But you know what's even worse than the complete moron? The complete fucks who run the apartment building! They're even more scared to stand up to dipshit. After various complaints per week, they do nothing. Even though it's often so early in the morning or so late at night that it surely wakes OTHER neighbors, nobody does anything.


Someone is moving from Apartment Q soon, because living under a fuckface like this is like living with your head in a hot oven filled with poo. I'D RATHER BE DEAD.

Wed, Nov. 3rd, 2004, 12:22 pm
optissima: (no subject)

Dear John Kerry:

Are you a total moron?

Seriously, I want to know, because the only possible explanation for conceding now is that you're a moron. Don't fucking concede before all the votes have even been counted! There's still Ohio! There's still my vote! Do you not realize that Ohio is 20 electoral votes? If you won Ohio, you'd be at 272 and therefore the winner!

I don't accept. The idea that the election's essentially over and just because of where I live, my vote (along with millions of other votes) HASN'T EVEN BEEN TALLIED YET makes me so angry that my ears are ringing.

You worked hard for this, Kerry. Don't give up before the battle's even over. Because... four more years of Bush? I'D RATHER BE DEAD!

Sun, Oct. 31st, 2004, 10:09 pm
cloverpunk: (no subject)

"You need to elevate your standards."

IRBD than get lectures from so many people, all the time about how to live my life.


I'd Rather Be Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better???

Sun, Oct. 31st, 2004, 03:48 pm
cloverpunk: Direct Quote From Today...

"You need to elevate your standards."

IRBD than get lectures from so many people, all the time about how to live my life.

Thu, Oct. 14th, 2004, 08:56 pm
princessmike: Post on I'd Rather Be Dead?

Hey guys, I have a fun idea, let's post on a livejournal community and rant about random shit! But hey, before the world assaults me with something real and worthwhile to do, I should tell you something...I'D RATHER BE DEAD!

First thing's first, LET'S USE ALL CAPS TO YELL! You know, because, hundreds of years of accepted and effective punctuation just aren't enough. "Wait until the end of the sentence to realize it's an exclamation? What the fuck am I supposed to do, use inference?!" Not that hitting the exclamation point at the end of the sentence requires less keystrokes than hitting the capslock button on and off to convey the same exact emphasis... While you're at it, don't forget to add a million exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might not catch that first one!!!!!!!!!

Which leads me to my second point, livejournals are the billboards for the weak. You might as well change your journal title to "Please, look at these impotent ejaculations wrought from the very heart of my pithy, puckered soul. Oh God, I'll feel so cool when you do. I'll be staying in touch with my friends! It's not one-sided at all! I'm not humiliating myself to entertain people who care so much about me that I had to write a meaningless boring journal to get them to pay attention to my pedestrian life." Your pathetic offerings and "adorable candid inside jokes" are the entropy of my brain.

"Gee, how can I possibly enhance the vapidity of my digital social intercourse? Oh yeah! Post in a community! We can all express our opinions and pretend that everybody else cares! I hope somebody writes me back an angry response so I can write a response to the response and prove my superiority to the masses!"

I've seen more lavish thoughtlines churning in the vacant dusty quarters of a single mother's cranium. You know why he left you? He left you because you have a livejournal, and revealed your complete obsession with his every daily activity! You didn't leave him. He didn't "die" in Iraq.

"Hey guys! I'm listening to music now! It shows my intellectual side! Check out my varied tastes, which hover somewhere in between terrible joke punk bands and serious reflective pieces I downloaded after hearing them on the soundtrack for Bubble Boy!"

"Oh yeah, I can't talk to males... Harry Potter is literature! Yeah!"

Post on I'd Rather Be Dead? I'D RATHER BE DEAD!

Fri, Oct. 8th, 2004, 01:41 pm
hawaiibeachhobo: Only fruity ass holes do it.

Whoever invented the concept of cursive writing will have there pelvis destroyed by a lead pipe. I dont care if I have to dig someone up. I'll do it. Im crazy.

Useless. Stupid. Gay. Obese. Some of the words that descibe the LIE of cursive handwriting. I don't know what I hate more about it. The fact that it is a useless second way of writing a perfectly good alphabet or the fact that it is so impressed in our young minds as the most acceptable way to write. I hate lying, school system of FAILURE (where I went to elementary school). They say, in high school, this is the way homework, letters, and all things formal are written. WRONG! If this is the way it should be, then why not teach us that first off? OH! I KNOW! CURSIVE IS USELESS IN LATER LIFE!

Really, I had teachers who asked us not to write in cursive. On forms, you've read it: Please Print. Sweet, juicy, fresh baked, American print. Straight up, non-connected style. Thats what people want.

Now from my opponents veiw: It had a point. Perhaps in the past before the world of everything you do formal you do on a computer, it could be useful to be pretty or something. And you need to be able to read it if it crosses your path.

From my far superior veiw: You're wrong opponent. Never useful. We already write one way, we dont need 2. Do we type in cursive? NO ASS CLOWN. ALSO, dont teach it and we wont have this problem will we?

BRING ON YOUR ARGUMENTS! I will so kick your ass, and crush your bones to make flour for some delicious pecan pie.

The only use I have ever seen for cursive, and specifically cursive: I have a friend, lets call... C.B., who, god love her, can't spell. (You have gotten better, though). Her reasoning, her terrible yet so awesome cursive handwriting hid the fact that she couldn't spell under the unreadable mass of pen ink. I really admire that. Our friend, "C", used it for something. Better than most people.

I propose the destruction, burning, and castration of the cursive way of writing. I also wnt to get rid of a couple of letters, buts thats for another day.

I'D RATHER BE DEAD than see another cursive 'r' in my life. And whats up with the 'z's? DAMN YOU CURSIVE!

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